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Jan - Apr: £10
May - Sep: £10
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May - Sep: £10
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Jan - Apr: £10
May - Sep: £10
Oct - Dec: £10

Burlton Manor

Terms and Conditions for Wedding Venue Hire


  1. Your contract is with Burlton Manor Limited, Burlton, Shrewsbury, SY45TD.
  2. In these terms, “venue” means the venue at Burlton Manor where your wedding is agreed to be held, “wedding” also means (where applicable) a civil partnership,


  1. An initial non-refundable deposit of 25% will be required once your Wedding date, details and approximate guest numbers have been agreed. Burlton Manor will then confirm your booking and the dates the following three 25% deposits are due by. These are to be paid No later than 12/9/6 months prior to your booked wedding day. If your booking is less than 12 months away, we would require a 50%/75%/100% non-refundable deposit accordingly.

3.1. After making a booking with the venue further viewings and meetings will generally have to be made during the normal working week, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. Please do be prepared to have to take some time off work for these.

3.2 We appreciate that on occasions someone else (such as a parent) may wish to make payments due to us on your behalf. We are happy to accept such payments, but please note that unless we agree otherwise with you in writing you are both legally responsible for any payments due to us.

3.3 Any breakages and damages to the Venue, accommodation, gardens and outside ornamentation will be invoiced directly to the couple after the event.

3.4 If you want to cancel a confirmed booking, you must do so in writing and the provisions in the next paragraph shall apply.

3.5. Please note that the initial non-refundable deposit of 25% will be retained as a cancellation fee if you cancel. If further 25% payments have been made these will also be retained as a cancellation fee should you cancel within the 12/9/6 months from your booked wedding date. If you do not confirm in writing before the 12/9/6 months payment due dates, you will become liable for these amounts owed.

3.6 If you miss a payment Burlton Manor reserve the right to cancel your booking with immediate effect.

  1. If for any reason Burlton Manor needs to cancel your wedding date, caused by act of God, epidemic or pandemic such as Covid 19 but not limited to Covid 19, Burlton Manor will transfer your booking to the next available agreed date.

4.1 If an unexpected event occurs and the venue is not able to carry out its obligations, the venue takes no responsibility for outside companies/suppliers cost or bookings, we urge you to take out any relevant indemnity wedding insurances you may need. Burlton Manors liability will be limited to the amounts they have been paid at the time of cancelling.

  1. Accommodation is non-refundable once a booking is made, the payee is permitted to transfer or resell the room(s) if they are no longer able to attend the booked date and must provide the venue with written consent confirming all new customers details.

5.1 The venue requires the equivalent to a minimum of 100% occupancy of accommodation on site being booked at least one night of your two-day booking. This may be split, for example 25% the night before and 75% the night of your event which equals to 100% for one night. This enables us to offer the venue exclusively to you and your guests. Any amounts that fall short of this 100% will be bill directly to you within 7 days of your event. The online room booking link and unique key code are provided after initial deposit is paid.

5.1.1 Guests not staying onsite must be advised to book taxis or shuttle buses well in advance to be able to vacate the premises by the closing time. Being a rural area, these are not readily available and must be prebooked.

5.2 Any price lists seen online will be for current year only and are subject to change and/or variation.

  1. Wedding management upgrade covers wedding budgets of up to £50,000 and/or up to 15 suppliers. Any budget or supplier count above this value must be upgraded to full wedding planning with associated costs. On the day coordination is subject to our industry standard wedding operations and may be uplifted to wedding management or full wedding planning if deemed to be above average wedding operations or in excess of wedding management budget cap.


  1. Weekend weddings 1st April – 31st October require a minimum of 60-day guests to attend. Weekday weddings have no minimum guest number requirements anytime of the year.
  2. Burlton Manor seats 150 guests in the upstairs ceremony room & 200 seated dining guests in the main hall (extra available outside in the secret Garden). This complies with the health and safety laws. No more guests are permitted to enter the upstairs ceremony room or sit dining downstairs inside.
  3. All external service providers must be approved by Burlton Manor prior to booking. This includes marquee firms, generator firms, caterers, any hire firm and any outsourced firm. Firms that are not known to the venue can be approved by Burlton Manor at their discretion and may be asked to meet the venues owners before they are accepted as service providers and provide relevant documentation and insurances. Minimum £5 Milllion Pounds public liability will be required to enter the venue. Activities cannot be supplied by yourselves they must be supplied via a company with relevant insurances and manned at all times.

9a. External Caterers not on our recommended suppliers list will incur a surcharge of 10% of your total catering charge for use of our kitchens, gas, electric and sterilizing etc. One site visit will be permitted of our time for Caterers not known to the venue. Minimum amount due in any event will be £500 + vat. Your catering contract must be made available to the venue, minimum 3 months prior to your event date. Caterers will also have to sign a contract, agreeing to this with the venue prior to you booking them. Minimum £5 Milllion Pounds public liability will be required to enter the venue.

9b. External wedding planners and/or coordinator are not permitted at Burlton Manor.

  1. The chairs/tables/other supplied products for the venue is the responsibility of the clients any damages will be recovered from the client directly after the booking.
  2. Access to the venue’s grounds will be allowed from 3pm-7pm the day before your wedding day for setup. (Purchase night before accommodations to extend these hours late into the evening.)

11a. Access to the Barn & bridal preparation room is allowed from 9am on the morning of your wedding. (Should you be staying on site the night before your wedding the Barn & Bridal preparation room will be available to you earlier)

  1. Burlton Manor shall not be liable for any external property, products or equipment hired in. You acknowledge and accept you are fully responsible for any such property hired in and should have the relevant insurance to cover the property from fire, theft or damage.

12a. Motorhomes, RV’s, caravans & tents are not permitted at Burlton Manor.

  1. Smoking is only to be conducted in designated areas.


  1. Burlton Manor only allows amplified music inside the venue. Background music is permitted outside. Amplified music is to be limited to 85dB inside. Please make your suppliers aware of this condition.
  2. All Music at Burlton Manor must finish by (11pm weekday) and (12am weekend) and guests to vacate the venue and grounds by (11.30pm weekday) and (12.30am weekend).
  3. A Surcharge of £500 per every half hour that the music is played and/or the guests remain in the venue or on the grounds will be added to the client’s account. Extension can be pre booked by the hour in advance.
  4. All live bands and discos for entertainment in the venue and in the grounds of Burlton Manor are to be approved by the venues owner and they must have the relevant public liability insurance.
  5. All entertainment in the venues grounds must finish by (11pm weekday) and (12am weekend) and guests to vacate the venue and grounds by (11.30pm weekday) and (12.30am weekend). Unless they have paid to stay in on site accommodation or pre booked extended time at £1000 per hour.
  6. Fireworks are not permitted at Burlton Manor.


20. Burlton Manor has a zero-tolerance policy regarding illegal activities, vandalism, rude and abusive behaviour towards the owner or any of their representatives. Illegal activities will immediately be reported to the police. Rude and abusive guests will be asked to leave the venue and grounds with immediate effect.

  1. Burlton Manor is a beautiful private country house and we do live in the main house. We ask that all clients’ guests behave and treat with respect the house and grounds. Guests must stay venue side of the site and we ask you not to enter any fields containing livestock.
  2. No lighting of fires is allowed, including the use of Chinese Lanterns which can frighten livestock and set fire to dry areas of our land and countryside. We do allow sparklers, these must only be used outside within the Secret Garden area.

22.1 All candles/naked flames must be fully encased at the sides. No lit candles are permitted to be placed on the signing table due to the registrars regulations. Floating candles are not permitted within our indoor ceremony room.

  1. The pond is not to be used for paddling or swimming and is only to be used for photos of the immediate bridal party. No children are permitted at the pond area.
  2. Dogs belonging to the Bride or Groom are allowed at Burlton Manor but must be of a nice nature and kept on a lead. You must or you must assign someone to clean up after your dog. Dogs are permitted to stay in The Nest, The Run or Main House accommodations only on the hard flooring areas.
  3. Smoking or Vaping is not allowed inside Burlton Manor Venue properties, please be respectful of the residents when disposing of cigarette ends. Accommodation will incur a £250 de-fumigation cost if smoked in.
  4. Accommodation check in time is 3pm and checkout is 10.30am. You and your guests must depart from the venue by 12 noon the days after your event unless further days or time has been purchased.
  5. All children are regarded as the responsibility of the clients and the children’s parents. All children must remain within the entertainment area and be supervised at all times. Please be aware that there is open water at the venue. For the safety of children, and the privacy of the owners, please ensure that children are not left unsupervised in the Burlton Manor grounds.
  6. The venue reserve the right to use any photos, videos or footage taken on site to be used for their own promotion at a later date.
  7. Any décor seen on initial viewings is not included in the venue hire.


  1. The bar has to be provided by Burlton Manor; no outside bars are permitted onsite.
  2. Weekend wedding minimum upfront bar spend is £1500, weekday wedding minimum upfront bar spend is £750.
  3. Various drinks packages will be offered and can be tailored for your needs, including non-alcoholic drinks.
  4. Prepaid Bar tab is an option to suit your budget, subject to minimum spend set out in 31.
  5. All other drinks to be drank in and around the main barn must be purchased from the bar directly. Any unauthorised drinks/bottles brought into this area may be confiscated and disposed of by the bar team.
  6. If a free bar option has been arranged it is not permitted to announce and promote the exercise of excessive drinking. £1000 fine will apply for any such announcement.
  7. Any price lists seen online will be for current year only and are subject to change and/or variation.

Subject to change at Venues discretion.


Terms & Conditions for Burlton Manor Accommodation:


1a. All room bookings are non-refundable; however, we will allow you to resell or transfer your room to another guest if you are unable to make or proceed with the booking.

1b. You must give us payment details for any reservation at the time of booking. We will take your credit/debit card details (which must be valid beyond the date of your intended stay) and you authorise the use of this card for any sums that become due to us.

1c. When you request us to make a reservation, you must provide us with your identification information including, but not limited to, your name, address, contact telephone number and email address.


2.We will charge you for any and all damage caused by you to any Burlton Manor property during your stay. You will be notified via email/phone/letter with the amount and it will be charged directly to the booking credit or debit card.


3a.The earliest check-in time at our Hotels is 15:00 hrs on the arrival date.

3b. Guests may be asked to provide proof of identify upon check-in. Acceptable forms of identification are a passport or driving licence.

3c. The latest time by which you must vacate your room and check-out is 10.30am.

We may beforehand agree at our discretion to an arrangement for a later check-out time but if we have not agreed to a later time and you do not vacate your room and check out by the above latest time, we will be entitled to charge you for an additional night’s accommodation at the standard applicable Rate.

3d. If we have agreed and arranged a late check-out under clause 3c above, we shall be entitled to charge you at an hourly rate for the additional time from our standard latest check-out time until the time you check-out, and we shall give you details of the hourly rate of that charge when you request a late checkout time.

3e. Any room keys that are lost or failed to be returned upon check out, a flat rate of £30 will be incurred to replace.


  1. You must conduct yourself in a reasonable and responsible manner at all times when on Burlton Manor property and must not act in any way which may disturb other guests. If you do not, we may ask you to leave the venue and, in that case any additional sums will be due.

4a. Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the Estate or in any accommodation rooms. This includes the smoking of e-cigarettes.

4c. If you do not comply with clause 4a, we may charge you for any and all costs we incur in cleaning the room (including, but not limited to, fixtures, fittings and soft furnishings) and restoring it to a smoke-free environment.

4d. You must not:

4d1 bring any animals or pets into the Burlton Manor, with the exception of assistance or guide dogs; unless agreed in advance to stay in one of our pet friendly rooms;

4d2 bring any potentially dangerous or hazardous materials or equipment onto the Estate or into rooms;

4d3 use any electrical appliances that may set off fire alarm system, such as toasters, mini cookers or portable grills;

4d4 tamper with any fire alarms or emergency equipment;

4d5 utilise any rooms to store items (personal or otherwise) which could in our sole opinion cause damage to any Hotel room, or be a risk to the health and safety of our staff or property;

4d6 prevent our management, housekeeping and/or maintenance staff from having access to your room as and when required, with housekeeping being permitted full access at least once every two days;

4d.7 remove, damage or destroy any Hotel property;

4d.8 use any technology provided by us to download or access any unlawful or obscene material; or 4d.9 or cause unreasonable disturbance to any other guests or staff.

4e Any child under the age of 16 may only stay at Burlton Manor if accompanied by an adult aged at least 18.

4f We will charge you for any and all damage caused by you to any Burlton Manor property during your stay.

 4g All of the above rules will also apply to members of your party and your guests and you shall be liable for any breach of the above rules by any of them.

4h If you or your group cause damage or loss of any kind to the Hotel, other guests or their property, you as the Guest who is making the booking will be responsible for that damage or loss and you shall be liable to pay to us on demand the amount required to make good or remedy such damage or loss.

4i If you or your group caused damage to the property, other guests or their property, or otherwise breach any of these terms or conditions, we reserve the right to:

4i.1 cancel your reservation with immediate effect and (if appropriate) require you to leave the estate;

4i.2 restrict access to the estate.  

4i.3 remove your items from the room and the estate, disposing of such items in the event that you do not collect them within 7 days of removal;

4i.4 retain all sums paid by you and/or charge you the full amount of your reservation; or

4i.5 refuse future reservations from you and/or refuse you entry or accommodation at any of our venues.

4j. We will not be liable to refund or compensate you in the event of the any of the circumstances arising in clause 4i.5.

4k. We reserve the right to decline or cancel reservations made and stays in progress by those who have previously breached these Conditions (as may be updated from time to time) whether the reservation is in that name or not.


  1. The maximum room occupancy is 2 adults. A Z bed can be booked in certain rooms in advance for persons up to the age of 16, these are charged at an additional £30 per bed. Extra beds that are required for rooms must be provided through the venue and not through guests.

5a. Burlton Manor do not provide cots onsite

5b. Any child under the age of 16 may only stay at the venue if accompanied by a parent or guardian who is also staying at the venue.

5c. We reserve the right to change your room allocation at any point during your stay for any reason


  1. You may use any vacant space in our guest car park on a first-come-first-served basis provided that you have given us your vehicle’s registration number when you arrive. Any such parking will be without charge.

6a. Whilst we will operate and maintain our guest car park with reasonable skill and care, we do not  guarantee that other venue guests or members of the public will not enter our guest car park and steal or damage your vehicle or property in it. When you park or arrange for parking of your vehicle in our car park, you accept the risk of theft or damage of or to your vehicle and property in it if it is caused by any person other than our staff or contractors.


  1. No outside food and drink are permitted at the venue unless you are staying in one of the cottages with kitchen facilities and the food and/or drink is to be consumed inside the cottages only.


8.We may from time to time change these Conditions without giving you notice.


  1. All personal information provided by you will be collected, processed and used in line with the our privacy policy, which explains what personal information we may collect from you, how and why we collect, store and use and share such information, your rights in relation to such personal information and how you can contact us and any supervisory authority if you have a query or complaint about the way in which we use any personal information. Please visit burltonmanor.co.uk to view our privacy policy.

10.1 We will be responsible for any foreseeable loss or damage that you may suffer as a result of our breach of these Conditions or as a result of our negligence. Loss or damage is foreseeable if it is an obvious consequence of our breach or negligence or if it is contemplated by you and us when our contract with you is created. We will not be responsible for any loss or damage that is not foreseeable.

10.2 Nothing in these Conditions will exclude or limit our liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence (including that of our employees, agents or sub-contractors) or for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation. Clauses 10.3 and 10.4 are only applicable if you are a Consumer

 10.3 We provide all Services only for your personal and private use/purposes. We make no warranty or representation that products, or other goods or materials that we provide, or sell are fit for commercial, business, industrial, trade, craft or professional purposes of any kind (including resale). We will not be liable to you for any loss of profit, loss of contract, loss of commercial opportunity or any indirect or consequential loss or damage.

10.4 Nothing in these Conditions is intended to or will exclude, limit, prejudice or otherwise affect any of our duties or obligations to you, or your rights or remedies, or our liability to you, under the Regulations or any other consumer protection legislation as amended from time to time. Clauses 10.5 and 10.6 are only applicable if you are a Business

10.5 Subject to clause 10.2, we shall not be liable, whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or for breach of statutory duty, or in any other way for any of the following: loss of profits, loss of sales or business, loss of agreements or contracts, loss of anticipated savings, loss of or damage to goodwill, or indirect or consequential loss.

10.6 Subject to clause 10.2, our liability to you arising out of the provision of Services to you under these Conditions shall not exceed the value of the booking in respect of any one claim or series of related claims.


Subject to change at Venues discretion.