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Monday - Thursday
Jan - Apr: £10
May - Sep: £10
Oct - Dec: £10

Friday - Saturday
Jan - Apr: £10
May - Sep: £10
Oct - Dec: £10

Jan - Apr: £10
May - Sep: £10
Oct - Dec: £10

Burlton Manor

Terms and Conditions for Wedding Venue Hire


1. Your contract is with Burlton Manor Limited, Burlton, Shrewsbury, SY45TD.

2. In these terms, “venue” means the venue at Burlton Manor where your wedding is agreed to be held, “wedding” also means (where applicable) a civil partnership,


3. An initial non-refundable deposit of 50% will be required once your Wedding date, details and approximate guest numbers have been agreed. Burlton Manor will then confirm your booking and the dates the following two 25% deposits are due by. These are to be paid No later than 6 months and 3 months prior to your booked wedding day.

4. We appreciate that on occasions someone else (such as a parent) may wish to make payments due to us on your behalf. We are happy to accept such payments, but please note that unless we agree otherwise with you in writing you are both legally responsible for any payments due to us.

5. Any breakages and damages to the Venue, cottages, gardens and outside ornamentation will be invoiced directly to the couple after the event.

6. If you want to cancel a confirmed booking, you must do so in writing and the provisions in the next paragraph shall apply.

7. Please note that the initial non-refundable deposit of 50% will be retained as a cancellation fee if you cancel. If further 25% payments have been made these will also be retained as a cancellation fee should you cancel within the 6 months or 3 months from your booked wedding date. If you do not confirm in writing before the 6/3 months payment due dates, you will become liable for these amounts owed.

7.1. If you miss a payment Burlton Manor reserve the right to cancel your booking with immediate effect.

7.2. If for any reason Burlton Manor needs to cancel your wedding date, caused by act of god, epidemic or pandemic such as Covid 19 but not limited to Covid 19, Burlton Manor will transfer your booking to the next available agreed date.

7.3. If and unexpected event occurs and the venue is not able to carry out its obligations, the venue takes no responsibility for outside companies/suppliers cost or bookings, we urge you to take out any relevant indemnity wedding insurances you may need. Burlton Manors liability will be limited to the amounts they have been paid at the time of cancelling.


8. Burlton Manor is a dry hire venue with extras available, it seats 150 guests in the upstairs ceremony room & 200 seated dining guests in the main hall (extra available room outside on the terrace). This complies with the health and safety laws. No more guests are permitted to enter the upstairs ceremony room or sit dining downstairs inside.

9. All external service providers must be approved by Burlton Manor prior to booking. This includes marquee firms, generator firms, caterers, any hire firm and any outsourced firm. Firms that are not known to the venue can be approved by Burlton Manor at their discretion and may be asked to meet the venues owners before they are accepted as service providers.

10. The hire and arranging of chairs/tables for the venue including the ceremony room is the responsibility of the clients if not taking our seating package.

11. Access to the venue’s grounds will be allowed from 3pm the day before your wedding day.

12. Burlton Manor shall not be liable for any external property, products or equipment hired in. You acknowledge and accept you are fully responsible for any such property hired in and should have the relevant insurance to cover the property from fire, theft or damage.

13. The clients must remove all rubbish and bottles by 12pm on the day after hire. If the venue has to clean up after any clients, a charge will be added to the final account up to £1000 for the whole site if our £500 cleaning package is not pre booked for an emergency cleaning company to come in.


14. Burlton Manor only allows music inside the venue.

15. All Music at Burlton Manor must finish by (11pm weekday) and (12am weekend) and guests to vacate the venue and grounds by (11.30pm weekday) and (12.30am weekend).

16. A Surcharge of £500 per every half hour that the music is played and/or the guests remain in the venue or on the grounds will be added to the clients account. Extension can be pre booked by the hour in advance.

17. All live bands and discos for entertainment in the venue and in the grounds of Burlton Manor are to be approved by the venues owner and they must have the relevant public liability insurance.

18. All entertainment in the venues grounds must finish by (11pm weekday) and (12am weekend) and guests to vacate the venue and grounds by (11.30pm weekday) and (12.30am weekend). Unless they have paid to stay in on site accommodation or pre booked extended time at £1000 per hour.

19. Fireworks are not permitted at Burlton Manor.

20. Burlton Manor has a zero tolerance policy regarding illegal activities, vandalism and rude and abusive behaviour towards the owner or any of their representatives. Illegal activities will immediately be reported to the police. Rude and abusive guests will be asked to leave the venue and grounds with immediate effect.

21. Burlton Manor is a beautiful private country house and we do live in the main house. We ask that all clients’ guests behave and treat with respect the house and grounds. Guests must stay venue side of the site and we ask you not to enter any fields containing livestock.

22. No lighting of fires is allowed, including the use of Chinese Lanterns which can frighten livestock and set fire to dry areas of our land and countryside.  We only allow the fire in the bell tent village package to be on site.

23. The pond is not to be used for paddling or swimming and is out of bounds.

24. Dogs are allowed at Burlton Manor but must be of a nice nature and kept on a lead. You must clean up after your dog.

25. Smoking is not allowed inside Burlton Manor Venue properties, please be respectful of the residents when disposing of cigarette ends.

26. All children are regarded as the responsibility of the clients and the children’s parents. All children must remain within the entertainment area and be supervised at all times. Please be aware that there is open water at the venue. For the safety of children, and the privacy of the owners, please ensure that children are not left unsupervised in the Burlton Manor grounds.